Tim Williams and Jonny Hendriksen Invest in 90 Seconds

Today I’m very happy to say that awesome entrepreneurs and investors Tim Williams & Jonny Hendriksen are new partners and investors in 90 Seconds! We’ve built 90 Seconds over the 1st few years super lean on capital, bootstrapped by founder and early partner investment and organic growth and being super smart with money, so the cash from […]

Posted 6 years ago | by Tim Norton

Jonny Hendriksen, Glaciers, Listing Companies and Trust

About 4 years ago I was fortunate to meet an amazing human, a generous entrepreneur and now great friend by the name of Jonny Hendriksen. He moved to Japan at end of his teens, learnt Japanese and after losing his brother decided that he needed to live his life for 2, so he did.

Posted 8 years ago | by Tim Norton