Ride The Wave EP#1: London Roaring Our 2nd Base 4 Years in

Posted 3 years ago | by 90 Seconds

In the first episode of the Ride The Wave series, we go inside 90 Seconds UK. Meet the local team, explore the London base and catch up with Tim as he works to raise money.

London, UK is the second base that 90 Seconds started 4 years ago. In this episode Tim Norton, Jake Davy and Mischa Malane land the perfect pad in London on Airbnb.

Embedded in the heart of London they drop into the 90 Seconds base in Central Working to connect with the local team and newly imported GM Simon Geenty. Tim and Rachel Ng (Head of Talent) reach out to further potential 90 talent using LinkedIn Recruiter before Tim shoots off to raise a quick $500k from an interested investor. The remaining couple of days are packed with strategic content meetings, pitching 90 Seconds to a leading stock video website and further building the customer experience and platform.

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Posted 3 years ago | by 90 Seconds

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