Announcing Ride The Wave Season 2!

Posted 2 years ago | by 90 Seconds

Ride The Wave Season2 Episode1

With a USD$7.5m series A funding round complete, the company continues to grow, build and innovate…
Ride the Wave Season 2 episode 1 continues on the incredible and real journey of growing and building a global tech startup. Get immersed in a team building the next generation of a world class company, product and culture, on a mission to create something bigger than themselves! It’s the journey of our dreams and we’re making it a reality every day.

Ride The Wave Season2 Episode2

Awards roll in and business continues as our product team collaborate to build the next generation of 90 Seconds.
After collecting two New Zealand Hi-tech awards it’s time to get straight back to building the core of the company and product. Workspaces get redesigned and configured for maximum collaboration and product team gathers in Singapore for accelerated development of new product, followed by meeting with 90 Seconds investors, AirTree Ventures in Sydney.

Posted 2 years ago | by 90 Seconds

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