Ride The Wave EP#2: Seeds Planted, All Action

Posted 3 years ago | by 90 Seconds

Following a week in San Fran, 90 Seconds rubber hits the ground in New York for a series of game changing meetings.

Tim and crew hit New York, land another Airbnb pad, power-up on cold-pressed juices and hire a much of bicycles. Biking through the bustling traffic of Manhattan, they make their way to a series of meetings with potential partners, investors and cool Kiwi’s that have taken their businesses into the US. In typical New York fashion, business is a 24 hour opportunity to connect with the right people, strategise, develop and build until the sunrises. After an extraordinary opportunity presents itself at the top of the Empire State Building, the team takes a moment to relax in some stream and hot water before flying out to London.

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Posted 3 years ago | by 90 Seconds

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